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Nayland with Wissington Conservation Society
Planning Applications

The committee monitors the weekly list of planning applications from Babergh District Council and if appropriate, comments either in support or lists their concerns, based on planning quidelines and how they relate to the Dedham Vale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), the Nayland Conservation Area and listed buildings.

Current Applications which cause concern are:

The Bungalow Harpers Hill Nayland CO6 4NT

The Society is currently concerned with the following application:
DC/19/03822  Full Planning Application (click for the BDC webpage)

Outline Planning Application (some matters reserved - access to be considered) - Erection of 6No dwellings, with associate garages, parking, private drive and access (following demolition of existing dwelling).

This is immediately next to the site where planning permission was granted for the erection of five dwellings. As the site lies outside the village envelope and is not included in the draft local plan as  an area designated for development the Society will be lodging an objection to the application.

Comments/objections should be submitted by 3rd September on BDC's planning page


Bungalow Harpers Hill

New Farm [adjacent Nags], Harpers Hill, Nayland CO6 4NT

The Society is concerned with the application for detailed planning permission at the site adjacent to Nags Corner (planning reference DC/19/02881). This is a summary of our concerns: -

The proposal would be contrary to the provisions of the NPPF. It fails to display high quality design and materials that accord with the characteristics of the area. The site is situated within the AONB and is on the approach to the medieval village of Nayland, which contains an extensive conservation area and a wealth of Listed Buildings. There is an onus upon the applicants to put forward a scheme that has due regard to the special characteristics of the area and displays a local context. Nayland is typified by timber framed, rendered and tiled houses, with timber casement windows or sashes, steeply pitched roofs over narrow spans. None of these features are reflected in the proposal, even in a contemporary manner.

Furthermore, the layout with its mass of hard standings, driveways and large plan forms will create a harsh, hard and urban form, with insufficient space for landscaping and open space. It represents over development, hence the layout of dwellings in the unusual form proposed, with backs of houses fronting the A134, and long plan forms.

Insufficient space around the trees along the road frontage are provided to ensure their roots are protected, and as a result they would be adversely affected by the development.
The site is very prominent; being set on rising land visible in particular from the southerly approach. All of these aspects will result in demonstrable harm to the AONB, that should be afforded due protection for its landscape value.


New Farm

Brickley Grove Campions Hill Nayland With Wissington CO6 4NL

DC/18/02929 - Application for Lawful Development Certificate for existing use or development - Erection of two dwelling houses and ancillary workshop building and use within Class C3.

The Society has raised issues regarding this application with the planning authority - click to view 

Brickley Grove

Konings Juices and Drinks UK Ltd, Hill Farm, Brick Kiln Farm, Polstead CO10 5NY (Copella site off the B1068 Stoke Road)

The Society is currently concerned with the following application:

DC/18/02836  - Application for erection of extension to existing production premises, associated car parking, landscaping and drainage infrastructure.

The Society has raised issues regarding this application with the planning authority - click to view 


Konnings 2018

(Bridleway Adjacent) Beachams Farm, Cock Street, Leavenheath CO6 4PJ

DC/17/04402 - Full Planning Application - Erection of a two storey detached dwelling together with restoration and extension of existing for use as ancillary accommodation.

Although the property lies outside the parish of Nayland with Wissington many of our residents use the bridleway between Cock Street, Leavenheath and Gravel Hill, Stoke by Nayand and have expressed alarm at the destruction of the rural nature of a charming right of way.  The Society is, therefore, concerned with this application.

The Society has raised issues regarding this application with the planning authority - click to view 

The Society continues to seek verification on planning and access issues relating to the bridleway.

For those who have not seen the recent devastation of the bridleway - click to view before and after photograph display (pdf)

Some members of the society attended a walk of protest along the bridleway on 27 February - see Suffolk Free Press coverage (pdf)

A Public Meeting was held on 14th March. Over 80 concerned residents of Nayland, Wiston, Leavenheath and Stoke by Nayland atteneded to express their outrage at the works carried out. Click to read the report on the meeting.



Rushbanks Farm, Bures Road, Wissington CO6 4NA

DC/18/01126 - Proposal (click for the BDC webpage): Application for erection of a general purpose agricultural building.

The Society has raised objections regarding this application as follows:

On behalf of the Nayland with Wissington Conservation Society the following comment is made. The site lies within the Dedham Vale AONB and accordingly merits the highest status of protection in relation to landscape and scenic beauty (Para 115 NPPF). The proposed location of the barn is in a very prominent position being adjacent to the road and in an elevated area; accordingly it will be visually intrusive and publicly visible. We would recommend that if there is a need for this structure thought should be given to its relocation on an alternative site away from the road.

Location of the proposed new barn is shown red in this aerial view.

This application was withdrawn


Rushbanks Frm

New Farm [adjacent Nags], Harpers Hill, Nayland CO6 4NT

The Society is currently concerned with the following application

DC/17/04206 - Proposal (click for the BDC webpage): Application for outline planning permission (all matters reserved) - erection of 9 dwellings.

The Society has raised objections regarding this application - click to view the detailed observations (pdf).

New Farm Harpers Hill

The Anchor Inn, 26 Court Street, Nayland CO6 4JL

The Society has observations with the following application:

DC/17/03613 - Proposal (click for the BDC webpage): Application for Listed Building Consent - Erection of single storey side and rear extensions (following partial demolition of existing side extension), and internal alterations to include renovation to existing bar, opening up / covering of existing fireplaces and reposition of door. (Also proposed additional car park - currently temporary car park)

The Society has raised observations regarding this application - click to view the detailed observations (pdf).

Car Park and Anchor Inn
Anchor Inn Extension


Anchor Inn Extension

Konings Juices and Drinks UK Ltd, Hill Farm, Brick Kiln Farm, Polstead CO10 5NY (Copella site off the B1068 Stoke Road)

The Society is currently concerned with the following application:

DC/17/03117 - Full Planning Application (click for the BDC webpage) - for erection of extensions to existing production premises and new buildings to provide canning line (12,611sqm); warehouse space (7,100sqm); apple processing and juice storage (2,060sqm); and apple processing (1,040sqm); associated vehicle parking, landscaping and drainage infrastructure.

The Society has objected to this application - click to view the detailed objection (pdf).

This application was withdrawn

Konings Polstead

The Bungalow Harpers Hill Nayland CO6 4NT

The Society is currently concerned with the following application:
B/17/01128  Full Planning Application (click for the BDC webpage) - Erection of 5 No residential units, with associated garages, parking, private drive and access.

The deadline for filing objections with Babergh District Council was Monday 4th July.  

The Society objects to this application on the following grounds (summarised version): Click to view the detailed objection (pdf).

I write with reference to the above, on behalf of Nayland Conservation Society to object to the application. Our objections are set out in detail below. However, I also express concern that Essex Place Services have not been consulted on the application, the providers of your landscape advice.  Bearing in mind the very sensitive national designation of the site within an AONB, I consider this to be a serious oversight, and would ask that this be carried out before your officers assess the application.

Contrary to the environmental strand of sustainability.
It is recognised that the NPPF presumes in favour of sustainable development. However, there are three strands to sustainability, one of them being environmental. I conclude, therefore from this guidance, that the main planning consideration is whether the proposal conserves the landscape and the scenic beauty of this designated area.  I do not consider that this will be the case, as demonstrated by the applicant's own Landscape Assessment.

It is the Society's opinion that the proposal would adversely affect the landscape and scenic beauty of this part of Nayland.  The fact that it is not visible from the A134 is irrelevant, in the same way that an inappropriate development on the back of a Listed Building does not deem it to be acceptable.  The development would be clearly visible from a public highway, the old A134, that is an adopted highway open to pedestrians and vehicles. Therefore, the site would be visible from the public perspective, and demonstrable visual harm would be caused for a number of reasons. 

Loss of residential amenity.
Again the submission, in the absence of survey and sections plans, fail to illustrate the significant impact the proposal would have on the residential amenity of properties in Westerings.  Those immediately abutting the application site have extremely shallow rear gardens, with ground and first floor habitable room windows facing into the site.

For all these reasons the Council is requested to refuse planning permission. I summarise the objections as follows:

  1. Harmful to the AONB and landscape character.
  2. Demonstrable harm to the current loose knit approach to the village, urbanizing the current loose knit form.
  3. Potential loss of an important tree on the frontage.
  4. The fact that the site rises above the road and The Westerings renders the proposed development even more prominent in the public perspective.
  5. Loss of residential amenity to The Westerings and unacceptable low levels of amenity for the proposed dwellings, especially plots 4 and 5. 
  6. Overdevelopment of the site and the subsequent impact on landscape and visual amenity.
Finally, I am concerned that the Council has not sought Landscape advice in respect of the effect of the development on the vegetation on the site and the impact on the AONB. Therefore, an informed judgment and assessment cannot be made.

Mike Hunter, Chairman

(The Society is grateful to committee member Lucy Carpenter for drafting this response.)

The Bungalow

33 Bear Street, Nayland  CO6 4HX
Application No. B/14/00136

Application for Erection of a two-storey extension, internal alterations and a loft conversion.

The Conservation Society have objected to this application (pdf 10Kb)


33 Bear Street

Thrift Farm, Nayland Road, Great Horkesley Colchester CO6 4JP
Application No. 140508
Application for lawful development certificate for an existing use-Area used for garden/drive/car parking area
Application No. 140529
To erect a barn for livestock purposes to support current activity on rural land.

The Conservation Society have objected to this application (pdf 10Kb)

Thrift Farm

Thrift Farm Barn, Nayland Road, Great Horkesley Colchester CO6 4JP
Application No. 140582
Application for proposed New Workshop with temporary Polytunnel and retrospective application for a temporary Office.


Stour Valley Visitor Centre at Horkesley Park

The Appeal Decision

The Society is delighted to confirm that the Inspector has decided to dismiss the appeal against the decision of the Colchester Borough Council to refuse permission for the Horkesley Park development and the Secretary of State has upheld the Inspector’s decision. A copy of the decision can be viewed (pdf 1Mb). It is to be hoped that after many years of opposition this ill-conceived development has finally been laid to rest.

The History of Application No. 120965

This application for the development of redundant glass houses on the edge of and encroaching into the Dedham Vale AONB, has been ongoing for the past 11 years. 

At the Colchester Borough Council Planning Committee Meeting held at the Town Hall on Thursday 26th May the Committee supported their officer's recommendation for refusal of the Application (COL/09/090231). They voted eleven to one against the application. The Planning Committee decision document can be seen on CBC's planning page for that application.

The Anchor Inn has been sold, Thrift Farm is for sale, along with 9 acres and 2 barns and the former Anchor Heritage Farm land is for sale as six lots.

In May 2012 Bunting and Sons submitted a new application for 'The Stour Valley Visitor Centre at Horkesley Park'. Details can be viewed on CBC's planning page for this application.  Click to read our comments on the application (pdf 19Kb).

The Horkesley Park Visitors Centre planning application was refused by Colchester Borough Council at the planning meeting on 28th February 2013. CBC issued a statement regarding the refusal of the application on their Horkesley Park webpage

Latest News:

The Horkesley Park Appeal Hearing took place over four days from 1st October 2013. Click to view a summary of the Appeal Hearing (pdf 20Kb)

The Inspector stated that he would give his recommendation, to uphold the Appeal or dismiss it, to the Secretary of State on or before 6th May 2014.    The Secretary of State will then make a final decision on the matter when he has studied the Inspector’s report.

Following the very recent listing of the Chantry the Supplementary Evidence of Karen Syrett is now on the CBC website Proof of Evidence page or can be viewed here (pdf 112Kb).

Further details on the application and a copy of their Proof of Evidence can be viewed on SVAG’s website or CBC‘s Horkesley Park Appeal page.

John Alexander and Mike Hunter gave their proof of evidence on 2 October - this can be viewed below:
John Alexander - Summary (pdf 13Kb)
John Alexander - Proof of Evidence (pdf 20Kb)
Mike Hunter - Proof of Evidence (pdf 10Kb)

Click for larger map (pdf 206Kb)

CBC Planning Meeting
The planning meeting on 28th February 2013
Click for the complete image

9-11 Mill Street, Nayland 

3 new applications were submitted on 22nd March 2012:

Application No B/12/00090
For the demolition of the Bus Shed

Application No B/12/00091
For the construction of a pair of semi-detached 2 storey houses on the Bus Shed site, 9 Mill St. and associated parking

Application No B/12/00092
For alterations to the side and front elevations of 11 Mill Street

The plans are substantially the same as those submitted in 2010 (Application No B/10/00434) and the Conservation Society objected to them.

Applications were refused in May 2012 and the owners appealed against the Refusal

Latest News:
Following a site meeting in mid June by the Inspector, a decision has now been received as follows:

Appeal A (Application ref: 00090 Listed Building Consent) Demolition of existing disused bus garage: No action

Appeal B (Application no. 00092) Proposal to demolish existing disused bus garage, clearance of site, construction of 2 semi-detached domestic dwellings, alteration to side elevation and street elevation of 9 Mill Street and minor alterations to the Swans Nest land.
Appeal Dismissed

Appeal C (Application no. 00091) Proposal as above. Appeal Dismissed

Click to read the Decision of the Planning Inspectorate (pdf 131Kb)

9 to 11 Mill Street

Read the Conservation Society
history of the site.


Click to view

Notice of Planning Appeal
Guidance Notes
Conservation Society members
(pdf 20b)

which gives details of the main issues
of concern with these applications.


Pylons:  Proposed Bramford to Twinstead Connection Project

National Grid are looking to replace the existing 132,000 volt overhead line with a new 400,000 volt overhead line between Bustall Bridge (Bramford) and Twinstead and public consultations have been taking place as to which of 4 corridors should be selected.  The existing pylons (Corridor 2) cut through a section of the Dedham Vale AONB.   Following consultation National Grid announced on 12th July that Corridor 2 has been selected. 
The Conservation Society along with the Suffolk Preservation Society, Suffolk County Council, the Dedham Vale Society and the Colne Stour Association have all objected and will be pressing for the whole route to be undergrounded.  

Consultations are ongoing.   Further information can be found at