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Nayland with Wissington Conservation Society

We welcome members from all over the world.  

Life Membership is encouraged in order to simplify administration. 

It is also a great help to have email addresses of our members where possible as this means we can communicate swiftly and easily.


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Membership Application Form


Annual General Meeting 2024

The AGM in 2024 will be held on Tuesday 12th March.

Click to view the:
Agenda for the meeting
Chairman's Report
Accounts 2023
Minutes of the AGM 2023
(please note these are not adopted minutes)

Members at Alston Court
Annual General Meeting 2023
  Agenda for the meeting
Chairman's Report

Annual Accounts
Annual General Meeting 2022
  Agenda for the meeting
Chairmans' Report

Annual Accounts
Minutes of the AGM 2021
Annual General Meeting 2021
  Agenda for the meeting
Chairmans' Report

Minutes of the AGM 2020
Annual General Meeting 2020
  Agenda for the AGM on 9th March
Chairman's Report for 2019
Minutes of the AGM 2019
Annual General Meeting 2019
  Agenda for the AGM on 11th March
Chairman's Report for 2018
Minutes of the AGM 2018
Annual General Meeting 2018
  Agenda for AGM on 12th March 2018 (pdf 154Kb)
Chairman's Report for 2017 (pdf 88Kb)
Minutes of the AGM 2017
(pdf 81Kb)
Annual General Meeting 2017
  Agenda for AGM on 13th March 2017 (pdf 74Kb)
Chairman's Report for 2016 (pdf 90Kb)
Minutes of the AGM 2016
(pdf 88Kb)
Annual General Meeting 2016
  Agenda for AGM on 14th March 2016 (pdf 76Kb)
Chairman's Report for 2015
(pdf 85Kb)
Minutes of the AGM 2015 (pdf 89Kb)
Annual General Meeting 2015
  Agenda for AGM on 9th March 2015 (pdf 72Kb)
Chairman's Report for 2014
(pdf 88Kb)
Minutes of the AGM 2014 (pdf 14Kb)
Annual General Meeting 2014
  Agenda for AGM on 10th March 2014 (pdf 12Kb)
Chairman's Report for 2013
(pdf 13Kb)
Minutes of the AGM 2013 (pdf 14Kb)
Annual General Meeting 2013
  Agenda for AGM on 12th March 2013 (pdf 8Kb)
Chairman's Report for 2012
(pdf 12Kb)
Minutes of the AGM 2012 (pdf 14Kb)
Annual General Meeting 2012
  Agenda for AGM on 13th March 2012 (pdf 10Kb)
Chairman's Report for 2011 (pdf 14KB)
Minutes of the AGM 2011 (pdf 16Kb)
Annual General Meeting 2011
  Agenda for AGM on 8th March 2011 (pdf 11Kb)
Chairman's Report for 2010 (pdf 11KB)
Minutes of the AGM 2010 (pdf 15Kb)
Annual General Meeting 2010
  Chairman's Report for 2009 (pdf 16Kb)