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Nayland with Wissington Conservation Society
Planning Advice

Response to Babergh Development Framework Core Strategy (2011-2031)

We support the safeguarding of heritage sites and the basic planning policy as set out including the primary use of brownfield sites for development.

Nayland is a core village with a range of services.  However it has a medieval settlement pattern with a Conservation Area at its heart.   It is on the edge of the flood plain within the AONB which severely restricts further development and it is to be hoped that under the Core Strategy these areas will continue to be protected.

Traffic in Bear Street is evidence that Nayland’s infrastructure is already reaching full capacity.  For example parents at the Primary School have adopted a voluntary one way system in the morning and afternoon, to avoid gridlock.   When 2 new classrooms, with capacity for 60 extra children, are functional, Bear Street will become totally impassable even without the extra traffic generated by any new buildings.

Development on the edge of the village would add to this chaotic situation and undermine the infrastructure, quality of life of those who live here and the status of the Conservation Area.

Given the above, it may well be that more development sites will need to be found in the hinterland villages and these should include live/work units and/or a mix of employment sites and housing.  A Neighbourhood Plan could be helpful in this respect.

We support the document in principle but may modify our response in the light of site allocations.


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Babergh Development Framework
at Babergh District Council's website

Coalition Government Consultation Draft of National Planning Policy Framework

The Society has sent a letter of response on the National Planning Policy Framework to the Department for Communities and Local Government.
Click to view a summary of the points made (pdf 10Kb).



Living in a Conservation Area – a brief guide

With the current uncertainty about planning policy arising from the recent change of Government, it is advisable to consult Babergh Council planning officers before undertaking any alterations to Listed Buildings or within their curtilage.  

We hope the leaflet ‘Living in a Conservation Area’ will be a help to home owners living in Nayland and Wiston.

Click here to view the document (pdf 1.6Mb)


Living in a Conservation Area

Local List

Nayland and Wiston Local List was adopted by Babergh District Council in 2004.  

This is an illustrated list, with descriptions and historic background, where known, of some of the buildings which contribute significantly to the parish as reminders of events in local history, or as celebrations of a local way of life.

The society initiated this project and assisted with background research.

Click here to view the document (pdf 2.8Mb)


Nayland Conservation Area Appraisal

Nayland Conservation Area Appraisal

In 2008 Babergh District Council adopted the Nayland Conservation Area Appraisal folowing research and surveying of the conservation area which covers the main part of the village.   The Appraisal follows English Heritage guidance identifying the history and character of Nayland as well as the best ways of protecting and enhancing the conservation area.

The Appraisal is now being used by Babergh to guide development and help property owners who may be seeking planning permission in the area.

Click here to view the document

Nayland Conservation Area Appraisal