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Nayland with Wissington Conservation Society
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The Meadow Project Contact
  Chairman: Martin Wright - 07768 006546 -
Secretary: Dipak Warren - 01206 263713 -
The Meadow Project Trustees
Directors of the Nayland with Wissington Land Company Limited
Company number 05064667 - Charity number: 1103994
  Martin Wright
Dipak Warren
David Slater
Robert Dryden
John Carpenter
Robin Thorogood


The Meadow Project Management News

A New Era - April 2021

Some sixteen years ago when the Buntings were planning their John Constable Heritage Centre there was a real fear in and around Nayland for our natural environment and its beauty. At that time the opportunity arose to acquire the meadow (bordered by the A134 on its western side, the river and Bear Street on the north and being west of Horkesley Road) from the farming business PG Rix Farms.

On the initiative of the Conservation Society and with money raised from donors + gift aid this meadow was bought. John Alexander in those days was the chairman of the Conservation Society, Andora Carver the secretary and Richard Cave the treasurer. It was a very significant moment.

A separate private company limited by guarantee was set up which registered as a charity and which owns the “conservation meadow”. The intention is it will hold that meadow in perpetuity and it will become an ecological and environmental treasure for all. In 2010 the adjoining strip was acquired from the Buntings. None of this would have happened were not for the concerted efforts of the Conservation Society and in particular John, Andora and Richard. [Andora took a step down a few years ago.]

In the last 18 months there has been a consultation in relation to the meadow and tree planting, hedging works and a new permissive path.

Today the meadow sits at the beginning of an exciting new era where we will work together as a charity to deepen people’s – in particular young people’s – relationship with ecology in their own environment. The value of community assets such as this will only increase and with that our enjoyment of the meadow.

After many years’ contribution I now send an enormous thank you to both John and Richard as they retire for their original foresight and involvement. And likewise many (belated) thanks too to Andora.
Martin Wright, Chairman

Management Review - May 2019

The Nayland with Wissington Land Company was formed in 2005 to facilitate ownership of the Conservation Meadow abutting the north bank of the River Stour where it runs parallel with Bear Street. In 2012 a further section of land located adjacent to the first plot was acquired. On both occasions the purchase price was raised by donations from the public and the fund raising was managed by the Nayland with Wissington Conservation Society. 

The Company is limited by guarantee which means it doesn’t have shareholders but is “owned” by members who give a personal guarantee for the debts of the company in the event of its liquidation (although the sum guaranteed by each member cannot exceed £1).

Nayland Meadow 2019

The current members are all sitting on the board of the Company and comprise John Alexander (Chairman) Dipak Warren (Secretary) David Heigham (Treasurer) and Martin Wright, Richard Cave, David Slater and Mike Hunter.

Recently the board have held a number of meetings with a view to re-visiting the previous basis upon which the land was managed. The Dedham Vale Project have been very helpful in giving management guidance and the Project arranged for the Suffolk Wildlife Trust to make specific management recommendations contained in a draft management plan to cover the next five years. Similarly, the Environment Agency have also made a number of recommendations all of which are under consideration by the board. Once the plan is in a final form the local community will be informed of the progress being made.