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Nayland with Wissington Conservation Society
Keith Taylor Collection

Photographs taken in Nayland on glass plates c. 1860 by Henry Faiers and Charles Gowing. The collection of 85 plates was purchased by Keith Taylor during 1980-1990 at auctions and from specialist dealers in early photographs. In 2013 Usha Taylor presented the whole collection to the Conservation Society in memory of Keith.

In 2014 the collection was lent to the Colchester Sixth Form College photographic department, so that the students could enjoy working with original glass plates. This arrangement proved so successful that it was agreed to offer the collection on permanent loan to the Sixth Form College and this was done in December 2014. These 8 images were printed by the students and copies were given to the Conservation Society.

Sadly we have been unable to identify any of the sitters. They were collectively known as “Nayland Worthies”. We would be delighted if anyone can identify these people from Nayland’s past. Please contact the Hon. Secretary.

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Keith Taylor 1 Keith Taylor 1 Keith Taylor 1 Keith Taylor 1
Keith Taylor 1 Keith Taylor 1 Keith Taylor 1 Keith Taylor 1

Photography in Nayland
- extract from the Introduction to Nayland & Wiston 1860s-1950s - A Portrait in Photographs

The earliest known photographs of Nayland and Wiston date from the 1860s but these are rare. We know from the recollections of Charles Gowing (1846-1934) who was a baker and confectioner and probably Nayland’s best known photographer, that Nayland’s first professional photographer was Thomas Barber who used wet plates, although Mr. Gowing said he believed that the Reverend C.W. Green (Nayland’s incumbent 1846-63) had done some work before Mr Barber. Thomas Barber was followed by Henry Faiers, Mrs F. Gowing (his cousin), Mr Abbott, Charles Gowing himself, J.W.T. Archer and Sidney Butler.

Presentation of Deeds

A collection of 48 Indentures dated between 1649 and 1883 was presented to the Conservation Society by Usha Taylor in memory of her late husband, Keith Taylor of Nayland, who was an historian and an unofficial recorder in the village in the late 1970s and 1980s.  Usha wishes that the documents should stay in the village for future reference and learning in the community.

He purchased them c.1980 from Richard Campbell, a member of the Deaves family, who were builders in the village. Many of the documents refer to land transactions in Newlands Lane, Nayland.

If anyone would like to view a particular Deed, then please contact the Hon. Secretary. Click here to view the list of deeds

Keith Taylor Deeds